Feb. 24th, 2017

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Feb. 24th, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Thu, 14:04: Okay, so about 35% of all packages I shipped out in the past months have been reships due to USPS losing/sending packages back to us. >:(
  • Thu, 14:05: This might not seem like a big percentage, but this went on for all of 2016 & as a small business, paying postage twice is a big bite.😬
  • Thu, 14:07: Not to mention how many customers were inconvenienced/upset when their packages were lost or rerouted back to us sometimes months later. 😡
  • Thu, 14:11: What this USPS "sorting issue" crap means tho is that mail order is now a Sisyphean task, where I'm constantly trying to catch up on reships
  • Thu, 14:14: BTW Radio Comix is only a 3-man operation: me, @willworks & @joetweetguy (w/ occasional help from @smudge_dragon for web). All have dayjobs.
  • Thu, 14:19: Playing whack-a-mole with constant reships & the headaches attendant on that actually eats a lot of my scant Radio work time. Unproductive!
  • Thu, 17:58: RT @joetweetguy: Today on CAT TOYZ XTREME: https://t.co/zG9KTulFTp
  • Thu, 21:07: 📷 Day 23 of #28DaysofBlackCosplay brings us the lovely Saraiyu as Pinup Captain America!  https://t.co/cOg1PeLluv

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