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Preparing for the next SAAS anime meeting, I present you with the semi-complete history of Super Robot Anime, represented by opening credits! As usual, organized by date of release, and in the cut due to the length of the post.

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I've purposely left out the Brave series of shows, since those are going to be their own separate themed meeting at a later date. Also, my listings for Super Robot anime in the 2007-2010 era may be a little spotty- I have not paid too much attention to things in "The Moe Years". XD
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Research for the August San Antonio Animation Society meeting theme, which is Saiyuki aka Journey to the West. ^_^ ([ profile] jameshanrahan had better come to this one! Heh!) Thus, here follows a list of links for clips, trailers and openings of TV shows and films based on this classic of Chinese literature. I wanted to put them in chronological order, but that's difficult since so many of the Chinese TV show versions are hard to place.

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Unable to find: The Fire Ball (2005), or the Go Nagai animation that had a female version of Son Goku. (Capcom based Son-Son on this character- but I can find no reference to her anywhere online.) This list is probably far from complete.
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Just like the title says: in chronological order (of publication, not of air date), here are the openings (and clips and endings, sometimes) for anime (and TV shows and movies) based on manga that appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump and Monthly Shonen Jump. Mostly posting for [ profile] denshousha for the upcoming SAAS anime meeting this month.

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Finally finished this! I edited in the Monthly Shonen Jump series as well; debated for a long time whether I should include Ultra Jump, but finally decided against it. Enjoy!
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This is mostly being posted for the benefit of [ profile] denshousha, so we can get the SAAS meeting planned for this month. But hey, I thought other people might want to see these rare clips also. Watch and enjoy, opening credits for almost all the magical girl anime shows since 1966, in order by year. In the cut, because the list is HUGE.

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I lean towards liking the stuff from the mid-1990's and earlier when it comes to magical girl shows, but I'm always pleased when I find something newer that's good. Princess Tutu is delightfully surreal and pretty, and no wonder I like it since it's by the guy who made Ojamajo Doremi which I also love. I'm a fan of the Sugar Sugar Rune manga, so will likely try the anime also. Bewitched Agnes sounds completely bonkers (wiki link), and gives nods in the title to the show that started the whole magical girl craze in Japan in the first place: Bewitched. Yes, the Elizabeth Montgomery show! We can blame the magical girlfriend genre of anime on the other American export: I Dream of Jeannie. But that's a whole other post!

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